About Us
The Orchard Hills Church of Christ seeks to
be the church for which Jesus died (Acts
20:28). We seek to be Christians ONLY and
not members of a denomination. Jesus
promised long ago: ". . .upon this rock I will
build My church" (Matthew 16:18). The
Apostle Paul spoke of "the church of God
which He purchased with His own blood"
(Acts 20:28). We at 1630 N. 9th Street,
Covington, Indiana, want to be that church.
We believe that the Bible is a message for all
times, and that it can be understood. We
seek to discover what the church in the Bible
should be like in this century. Since Jesus
purchased it with His blood, we understand
that it is essential for one to be in His church
in order to be saved. It is our aim to be
"Christians only."  This is our only goal.
We believe the Bible should be the standard
by which we determine all things     (2
Timothy 3:16-17). We seek to follow it alone.
Our understanding of the Bible is not always
perfect, but God's Word is absolutely
correct. We take our stand upon it as our
only guide. Will you join us in our quest?
Meeting place of the
Orchard Hills Church of Christ.
Orchard Hills Church of Christ
1630 N. 9th Street
Covington Indiana 47932
(765) 793-7277
Orchard Hills Church of Christ